charlottesville, VIRGINIA


A change of ownership in this southern Albemarle farm prompted Grounded's involvement in its rejuvenation and reorganization. The site sits along a feather-shaped ridge, one side of which falls to a river and waterfall while the other slopes down to a pond. The previous owner had an interest in Japanese art and landscape, and the land was heavily developed in this way. The new owner sought to revitalize the site and simplify ongoing maintenance.

Grounded developed a master plan that retained some of the charming qualities from the previous owner and celebrated the farm's history while giving structure and logic to the site. The gardens immediately surrounding the home were edited to reintroduce a farmhouse vernacular. Second tier spaces maintained and integrated the Asian-inspired features such as a Zen garden, fire pit, buddha statue, spa and sauna. Areas furthest removed from the central spaces reverted to farm use. Grounded worked with the owner to develop overarching themes for each space and to improve planting, lighting, parking, and circulation. New planting and hardscape at the guest cottage, potter’s studio and main house are complete. A second phase of improvements is on-going with Instant Shade.