Minimal environmental impact, maximum sustainability and a direct connection to its spectacular site on the Roaring Fork River were the driving forces for this new home near  Aspen, Colorado.

The architecture, a cruciform in shape, creates two outdoor courtyards: one public space at the entry and a second private, family space to the rear. For the public court, Grounded designed a Corten steel I-beam entry gateway. Upon moving through the gate threshold, the courtyard opens to a water-wall that provides both a spatial focal point and a metaphorical reference to the river beyond. Within the rear, private courtyard, simple materials of gravel, concrete and rectangular planting beds frame an outdoor dining and barbeque area. Three existing cottonwoods edge the refined space, which opens to a grassy meadow for the daughters' ponies. By intentional contrast, the opposite side of the home meets native sage and wild grasses, naturally replanted to juxtapose cultivated planting against native landscape and to further frame the extraordinary views up the river valley. 

Architecture: Rowland & Broughton
Photography: Brent Moss