stanardsville, VIRGINIA


This vacation home is a special place for its family and holds magnificent views down the South River of Standardsville, Virginia. Set on a 300-acre preserve of wildlife habitat, the owners have carefully restored and repaired streambanks throughout the farm.

A steep lawn slope drops from the house to the family's favorite natural swimming hole, but the slope continually eroded and the owners were ready to terrace and plant in a manner sensitive to the native surroundings. Grounded was also asked to address storm damage to existing riverfront trees and to include a new pool for the grandchildren as part of the exterior renovation. The pool tucks into the hillside, with an informal sandstone staircase that will now bring the family to a fire pit and terrace above the swimming hole. 

Construction began in November 2017 and will run through Spring 2018.

Landscape Contractor & Maintenance: Lee Highway Nursery; Hilliard Property Management
Pool Contractor: Charlottesville Aquatics