scottsville, VIRGINIA


Willow Hill is a working farm of 165-acres with long frontage and sweeping views of the James River. The site provides ample opportunity for the music industry owner to relax and enjoy time off from his busy travel schedule. Grounded is currently in master planning for a phased development of the site that includes a secluded eco-house, a garage and guest house, a lap pool and recreation pool, planting and terraces at the existing farmhouse, entry drive sequencing, natural spa in conjunction with the barn/ gym renovation, river beach improvements, trails, orchard and gardens.

Master planning for the property includes a unique proposal to use tax credits that will pay the owner to transition the property from an intensive farming operation to one that mitigates pesticide runoff into the James River. The design proposes transitioning low-lying existing farmland into an environmental buffer zone that doubles as a large scale colorful installation of grasses and shrubs that can be viewed from the existing hillside farmhouse. A series of walking trails provide access through varied native habitat and act as an infiltration system for land kept in continued agricultural work uphill. This project will benefit from tax incentives, easements and nutrient banking. Grounded sees this as an opportunity to use best management practices along a major waterway with a fresh and modern twist.


Architect: Stephen Balut
General Contractor: Abrahamse Construction